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if only you were here things would be more magical, who the fuck am i talking about.

name / age / sex / location: matt/14/male/chicago(IL)
sexuality: straight
single or not?: single
if you have a MySpace, link it here: <- yes, this is my myspace. it's quite a hit, wouldn't you say?

» music.
10 bands that you listen to:
1. The Killers
2. OK Go
3. Louis XIV
4. Spoon
5. The Arcade Fire
6. Thursday
7. The Postal Service
8. Death Cab For Cutie
9. John Mayer
10. The Perishers
what are the two best albums ever made:
1. Hot Fuss
2. Heavier Things
what was the best show you've ever been to & if you've never been to a show, name one show you'd love to go to: LOLLAPALOOZA HANDS DOWN, & FUNNY THING IS, I WAS JUST THERE ON SUNDAY AND IT WAS MY FIRST SHOW! I saw The Killers, Death Cab, Spoon, The Arcade Fire, OKGO, & Louis XIV. It was fucking amazing.

»this or that.
cds or radio: cds
tv or movie: ugh, toughie. with people, movies - alone, tv.
pepsi or coke: coke
party or night at home: party
vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
nsync or backstreet boys: nsync
britney or christina: britney has catchier tunes, christina is hotter.
to cheat or get cheated on: cheat.
dress or skirt: short skirts \m/
brurnettes or blondes: blondes

promote this community in one place and show us the link:
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where did you find us?: ___paragon, even though they're cunts.

now post four clear pictures of yourself:
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